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Multiplication and Division

Multiplication and division are among the basic arithmetic operation. Do you know that both multiplication and division are closely related? Let’s see the examples below :


Keywords: :

  1. Times (for example : two times two equals four)
  2. Multiplied by ( for example : two multiplied by two equals four)


5 x 2 = 10 , This means five times two equals ten OR five multiplied by two equals ten. How to find it? 5x 2 = 5 + 5 = 8 or five times two equals five plus five equals ten



  1. Divided by ( for example : ten divided by five equals two)


  • 10 : 2 = 5. This means ten divided by two equals five
  • 10 : 5 = 2. This means ten divided by five equals two .
  • How to find it? You can use a subtraction for the first time, look at example below :
Multiplication and division games

Relation between multiplication and division

Multiplication and division are closely related, given that division is the inverse operation of multiplication. When we divide, we look to separate into equal groups, while multiplication involves joining equal groups.

Look at the picture below :

Relation between Multiplication and division

Multiplication and division games

1. Three times two equals by word
2. Six divided by two equals by word
3. Mom bought twelve oranges for her three kids. How many oranges will each child have? By word
4. Each student will bring three notebooks to class. There are twenty one students in this class. How many notebooks will there be in all? by word
5. The zoo has twenty meals for their tigers. There are four tigers in the zoo. How many meals can each tiger eat in the zoo?
6. Samantha wants to give five candies to every one of her friends. She has nine friends. How many candies does she need to buy for her friends?

Multiplication and Division

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